About me

What I do?

I believe that end-users are needed to be central of every products and a beautiful, attractive and smart UX design will decide the success of every products, even more using any newest technologies. Thus, during my work, I give my undivided attention to designing and building best UX design for software products. Over many years of developing and consulting software projects for hundred clients, including my own startup products, I have learnt a lot of lessons in UX design.

In 2010, I firstly named my career as an UX Designer when I were doing in R&D Department of FPT Software – the biggest software company in Vietnam. At that time, UX absolutely was a new term in Vietnam, even in the biggest groups. My jobs were defining the UX design processes, applying and consulting them to the product department. I focused on reviewing and re-designing various softwares, before reaching to the end-users.

After three years working in FPT, I have started working as a UX Designer in Viettel Telecom. I design, review and optimize products about UX such as Bankplus, MyViettel..

My Experiences

In fact, I am not a graphic designer. Based on technology background, I have built my UX skills. Therefore, I deeply understand how to build the better softwares, technology layers and models, the way to scale and optimize them. I also can understand the weakness of current technologies and estimate the cost of each small UX change. Alternatively, I always follow up technology trends to update my skills and knowledge.

By producing and consulting directly  UX sections, I deeply know about UX evaluation and development processes, especially in UX Design Process, UX Heuristic Review, Customer Journey Map, Lean UX, User Testing Tools and Methods.

I am now a member of Interaction Design Foundation – one of the most prestigious international UX community and the first one translating the book named “Don’t make me think” by Steve Krug into Vietnamese. On my public blog ” uxvietnam.com”, I share my experience to young people and show my viewing on applying UX effectively.

Besides, I am writing my first book about UX and intending to publish it in September 2017.


Website: henryboard. com  | uxvietnam.com

Email: khoipn@uxvietnam.com | phamkhoi@interaction-design.org

Mobile: (+84) 981-911-011