Case Study – Website Vinaphone Selfcare

Target Users

Vinaphone is the second biggest telco in Vietnam with over 20 millions customers. Its target users are people who have Vinaphone telephone number.

Business Needs

The company wants to develop one responsive web self-care portal, which can be displayed in every platforms consisting laptop, tablet and mobile browsers.. This web portal will help users to manage their account, setting and buy digital services.

The UX Approach

When I started to take responsibility on this project, the managers from departments had different ideas. With development team, we had to clarify the business needs and survey users. Then, we collect information to create a list and choose which are key values. We had to decide site map and navigation model, design the wireframe on 10+ main screens.

Accordingly, we applied the standard UX process and used Bootstrap platform to design this application. The output is HTML template which can meet both user and businessman requirements.

Results & benefits

There are more than one million users using this portal to manage their account and use telco services nowadays.

My own lesson

With regard to a website portal, responsive technical is too complex and slow, not compatible to use. We have spent a lots efforts for technical issues to ensure everything can work well. We need to divide it into 2 versions, one for desktop and the other for mobile platform to optimize in mobile devices.

Written by Henry Pham
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