FPT AI – Chatbot Portal


Target users are developers, technology professionals or CIOs, which need to try and buy AI services of FPT.

Business Needs

FPT need to develop web portal to help target users join and try AI chatbot services of FPT. The web portal have to easy to start, understand very very technical terms. Target users will use this portal without any supporter, self-services followed by SAAS model.

The UX Approach

I joined to this project as a UX Consultant and Designer. I worked with the development team to define main user stories to user scenarios. We decided sitemap and navigation model, then designed the mockup and tested them on 20+ end-users through MavelApp application.

Accordingly, I used Google Material Design on web to design it. I used many icons, flow charts to explain terms without so many words.

Results & benefits

We built a very thin, simple and smart web portal with short and easy journey. There are over 10.000 customers now and they feel happy with this application design.

Written by Henry Pham
Website: uxvietnam.com Email: khoipn@uxvietnam.com | phamkhoi@interaction-design.org Mobile: (+84) 981-911-011

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