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Duende is a very clean + beautiful design, simple to start, easy customize and fully featured WordPress Theme built on using Bootstrap 3.x. It’s built from 20 + Building blocks, 30+ widgets and 40+ pages.

Mobile App Highlight Case Studies

“Design is a solution to a problem. Art is a question to a problem.” –John Maeda
Bankplus mobile banking
Users Most people having a Viettel telephone number are the target users..
Live - Social network
Users The target users will use this mobile app as a new..
Mobio - Voucher & Foodtraffic tracking
Users The target users are Vietnamese young people, who have more than..
FPT Play (Internet TV)
Users Users are usually young and have smartphone, which will be used..
VPBankplus App Design Concept
Users & business needs The target users are customers of VPBank and..
Kangaroo - Smart home
Users Young and modern families, which want to use their smartphone to..

Web Design Highlight Case Studies

“Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.” –Massimo Vignelli
FPT AI - Chatbot Portal
Users Target users are developers, technology professionals or CIOs, which need to..
Case Study – Website Vinaphone Selfcare
Target Users Vinaphone is the second biggest telco in Vietnam with over..
Bayo.vn - Travel Search Portal
Users The target users are travelers who need to look for information..

Pham Khoi - Who am I?

I believe that end-users are needed to be central of every products and a beautiful, attractive and smart UX design will decide the success of every products, even more using any newest technologies. Thus, during my work, I give my undivided attention to designing and building best UX design for software products. Over many years of developing and consulting software projects for hundred clients, including my own startup products, I have learnt a lot of lessons in UX design.

In 2010, I firstly named my career as an UX Designer when I were doing in R&D Department of FPT Software - the biggest software company in Vietnam. At that time, UX absolutely was a new term in Vietnam, even in the biggest groups. My jobs were defining the UX design processes, applying and consulting them to the product department. I focused on reviewing and re-designing various softwares, before reaching to the end-users.."